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We're absolutely changing the game through disruption.

Other agencies are threatened because they don’t take as good of care of you as their clients. Our secret is that “we don’t make you a client… we make you our Strategic Partner.”

“Being a Good Doctor.”

Allowing you to focus on “patient-relationships” is critical. Don't lose your edge because you have to run a business. We help you so you can do your best work!

We help you avoid losing:

= Success, Affluence, and...Your status of “Being a Good Doctor!”

“Receiving Recognition.”

All your sacrifice and dedication to altruism in helping people deserves recognition. Let the world see your light shine because the world needs you.

We help you avoid losing:

= Joy, Happiness, and...Your ability to “Receive Recognition!”

“Having a Good Quality of Life.”

Empowering you to create momentum for you and your team so you may be rewarded with fulfilling your goals. Don't lose the opportunity to live the life you deserve.

We help you avoid losing:

= Time, Freedom, and...Your ability to “Have a Good Quality of Life!”

$2.8 Million was invested for your benefit.

The Nguyen Foundation has invested $2.8M to conduct an 18-month R&D case study to create our scientific and strategic platform. This allows you to fully develop your team and practice in the most dynamic and exponential fashion.


Strategic Branding & Marketing.

“Marketing is asking someone out on a date...
And branding is the reason they say yes.”

Your brand is the result of your overall efforts which absolutely translates into the way your patients feel about you. Brand positioning is critical in building your reputation. Remember, it’s all about how ‘they’ see you.

With marketing, we compile all your most important data to create your brand blueprint. Our specialization in strategic branding creates precision to empower your team to reach its highest profit goals.


Social Media Management.

“We strategically grow your brand, practice, and patient relationships with social media.”

We build your “Social Media Strategy” around your new brand and the overarching goals of your practice. We specialize in your content curation, posting, monitoring, and reputation management.

Allow us to transform social media into becoming your new front door and business advantage. Our specialization builds deeper relationships with your community to solidify trust and garner influence.


Reputation Management & PR.

“We track and manage your business reputation and respond to reviews to show patients you care.”

How you handle crisis management will determine the success of your social proof. We ensure you have a “Crisis Management Plan” in place to champion your practice’s core values and strengths to fulfill patient care.

With our techniques and strategies in addressing brand sentiment. Either negative or positive, we use focused-listening to support the opinions of your audience while establishing your practice’s patient-centered philosophy.


Patient Relationship Platform.

“Increasing patient satisfaction and practice reputation means your team is delivering better care and making more money.”

“Out of sight, out of mind” may be the culprit. To the degree your practice establishes patient engagement affects your patient’s level of trust and loyalty to you. Our platform ends the cycle of losing patients for lack of communication.

Don’t be a victim of losing your quality patients. Our platform automates the most important tasks of your practice allowing you to focus & specialize in being a patient-centered team. From now on, busy days will never get in the way of building great patient relationships!


Practice Analytics Platform.

“Save time, help more patients, and increase production with the world’s #one software for tracking, analyzing, managing & growing your practice.”

No more losing, it’s time to win! If you want to truly be the best at what you do, you must “keep your finger on the pulse”. It’s your job to know the most critical revenue data-points within your practice. And that’s why we’re here, so you can focus on being the #1 Doctor in town.

Your data will drive success and higher revenue for you and your team. You’ll gain insight on new opportunities, your team’s performance and learn how to better serve your patients. Not only will you increase production, you’ll establish a healthy & dynamic culture for everyone.


Our Strategic Partners & Software Platform Customers

“Join the awesome companies who rely on the same award-winning social media management software that we utilize and let your practice reach its highest potential!”


We're not going to make you satisfied, we're going to make you loyal.

“Because we're giving you everything we have!”


Do you consider yourself a helpful person?

“Your time in this life is limited so be mindful to help yourself, your team, and your patients.”

  • 10% Savings
  • Annual Plan

    $ 36,450
    • $95K Value
    • Billed Annually
    • No Contract
    • Full Service
  • Excellence Pro
  • Monthly Plan

    $ 3,375
    • $11K Monthly Value
    • Billed Monthly
    • No Contract
    • Full Service
  • Excellence Grow
  • Monthly Plan

    $ 2,675
    • $8K Monthly Value
    • Billed Monthly
    • No Contract
    • Social Media & Branding
In the near future... 2045: The homeless and orphan epidemic in America has been resolved.

1,107,484 homeless and orphan people have graduated through “The City of Homeless Dreams” program and live free of poverty. “The City” project created by The Nguyen Foundation has 300 facilities located across North America and has served as the catalyst for the program’s success.

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