“How are doctors who are in business like you...

Able to get recognition for being ‘good doctors’ and are also able to bring ‘good quality of life’ into their practice and personal life?”




Social Marketing done right can generate new leads,
drive meaningful conversations with your customers
and build a thriving community around your product,
service or brand. We create “Excellence in everything.”




When developing your brand, we extrapolate the
crucial and important data within your organization
to create your ‘Brand Identity’ and ‘Brand Voice’.
Being unique is the best way to grow your audience!
“We can’t stand basic, boring or the status quo.”



Go Deeper
to Go Further.

People want to know, “Who are you?” and “What is it that
you stand for?” You actually have to create value for folks
and give them a reason to care about your brand.
“Astonish and inspire them with your passion & authenticity!”




Let’s address the elephant in the room. Business owners
now face common social media fears, concerns and making
past mistakes. Another major social media disconnect is
due to the lack of experience, knowledge and not having
an adequate team to manage social media marketing.
“Don’t you worry, with us you can expect the best.”

100 Common Social Media Fears.

"FOP is Fear of Posting and is a form of anxiety disorder also known as Visiobibliophobia or Prosopobibliophobia.", "Pinterest = Fear of domestic inadequacy.", "Instagram = Fear of missing out (FOMO).", "Twitter = Fear of looking dumb.", "Facebook = Fear of personal failure.", "LinkedIn = Fear of career failure.", "Visiobibliophobia is an anxiety disorder; fear of posting on Instagram and Facebook or any other Social Media Site.", "Prosopobibliophobia is a less common name for Visiobibliophobia but means the same thing.", "FOMO or Fear of Missing Out is a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing.", "Fear of regret.", "Fear of not being included.", "Fear that others are having a much better time or a much more rewarding experience on the spur of the moment.", "FoBo is "Fear of a Better Option.", "People develop negative feelings and emotions from social media sites because of envy toward others’ posts and lives.", "I don’t want to be promoting myself.", "I don’t know what to say.", "Who really cares about my life?", "Social Media is something of the unknown to me.", "I don’t know anything about social media.", "I don’t want to waste time and money on trying it.", "I have no idea what to post.", "I don’t want to post the wrong thing.", "I don’t want people in our company saying the wrong thing that could hurt our business.", "Someone may steal our customers from us.", "Navigating people’s opinions of me online is too much for me.”, "I am too worried about the opinion of others.", "People may think my life is fake.", "I don’t think that my life is exciting enough to post about.", "I don’t want to take up space.", "I don’t want all the focus and attention to be on me.", "I don’t know who my audience is going to be.", "My message is not strong enough.", "Who would be interested in the things I want to post?", "My flaws and failures may be uncovered to the world.", "Since I’m not creative enough and posting on social media stresses me out.", "I would rather see what others are doing than get involved because I’m not trendy.", "My photos are ugly.", "My photos do not look as professional as everyone else’s.", "I don’t post on Pinterest because I’m not creative enough and it stresses me out.", "I don’t post on Instagram because my life is not as exciting as other people and because I feel like I’m always missing out.", "I don’t post on Twitter because I’m not up to date on breaking news or trending hashtags or intellectual conversations.", "I don’t post on Facebook because I haven’t really achieved what I’ve wanted and my high school friends will see it.", "I don’t post on LinkedIn because I’m not looking for a new job and my current job is not that exciting.", "I am not good with technology and it seems too intimidating and overwhelming.", "I don’t want to come across like a sales person.", "I don’t want to post something that isn’t good enough.", "I don’t want to lose followers or my customers.", "I’m not smart or witty enough to make good posts.", "I’m not committed enough.", "I don’t really understand what the whole point is.", "What should my voice and message be?", "What should I share?", "What do I do about negative comments?", "Social Media is just a trend.", "Social Media does not really work.", "Social Media seems like it invades people’s privacy.", "We really do not need to post on social media.", "Our sales are doing well enough.", "I don’t know much about it and it’s something that’s very unknown to me.", "I’m too busy to get on Social Media.", "With so many different platforms I don’t know where to start or even what to do.", "It just looks like too much work to keep up with it all.", "I don’t want to get bad publicity.", "Our company isn’t perfect and I’m scared people will see all of our flaws.", "I don’t want bad things said about our company that would give us any negative labels.", "I don’t want to lose my customers or my team members to any of our competitors.", "I don’t know that much or enough about trendy things.", "We’re doing okay with our traditional methods.", "We don’t want to change and we don’t need to.", "Facebook seems to be primarily for personal and fun things and really not for business people.", "I don’t want all my personal information all over the internet.", "We may get laughed at by our competition or even people in our community.", "I don’t want my employees to be browsing Social Media all day.", "We can’t afford to spend money on Social Media because it’s too expensive.", "I am not good at responding.", "Social media is a fad.", "Social media doesn’t work.", "Social media is an invasion of privacy.", "We don’t need social media. We sell enough.", "I’m scared about things that I don’t know enough about.", "I’m scared I’ll waste time and money.", "I don’t know what to post and I’ll probably post the wrong thing.", "Our salespeople will say the wrong thing to someone.", "Salespeople will steal our customers from us.", "I just don’t know how I can move past my fears of social media.", "I have a fear of what I do not know.", "I have a fear of getting bad publicity.", "I have a fear of losing business or my employees.", "I know there’s value in social media but I’m busy and don’t know where to start or what to do.", "I’m afraid someone will say something bad and I don’t want to open my business up to negativity.", "If I use social media people will try to poach my clients or my employees.", "I lack the time and resources to do it.", "There are too many social media accounts to deal with.", "I don’t know where is best to position my brand.", "I’m confused about the best times of the day to post.", "I am unsure what to post and or whether I should use paid advertising option.", "I don’t know how much personal content is safe to share.", "I don’t know how to engage customers.", "I Don’t Know Enough.”, "The way I’m doing it now is better.", "I always thought that Facebook is just for parties.", "I don’t want people to see my personal info and business all over the internet.", "What if people judge us or make fun of us?", "What if my employees get on Facebook all day, I don’t want that to happen.", "Social Media Advertising would cost me too much money.", "I think I have a Social Media phobia.", "What if we say things we can't take back?", "Do we have to post every day because no one knows much about it.", "I don't have a good camera or photographer to help us.", "I don't have much time to learn about Social Media stuff.", "I don't want people to copy things that we say or do.", "I would rather avoid my people learning something so diffucult and that doesn't make money.", "I don't want to find out what people would say about us.", "I am scared we will run out of things to post.", "I fear spending money on something people may not see.", "I get worried that we are going to start something we can't finish."

// The Solution.



& Harder.

It’s 2020 and while the majority went down the same
path where the status quo and mediocrity culminate. 
But not for you because you changed the pattern and 
the game. Your ‘Brand Identity’ empowers your company
to go dynamically ‘Harder’ because it’s so much ‘Smarter’.
“While they’re waiting for orders, our people are taking action.”

Social Phobias
(a) Social Anxiety Disorder: Visiobibliophobia or Prosopobiliophobia
(b) Fear of Missing Out "FOMO";
*also defined as 'Fear of Regret'.
(c) Fear of Posting "FOP"
(d) Fear of a Better Option "FoBO"

Solution to 'Social Anxiety Disorders'
(1) First is to Understand your Business Goals.
(2) Next, create a 'Social Media Strategy Plan'.
(3) Have clarity of content to post for your Brand.
(4) Lastly, your content must be tied to your overall Business Goals.
Social Media Strategy (SMS)
Welcome to our "Precision Marketing" Program

'Social Media Strategy' is your Organization’s 'Strategic Plan' to successfully incorporate Social Media.

The first step to creating a winning strategy is to establish your objectives and goals for your best ROI.

Each of your goals should be S.M.A.R.T.: (a) Specific (b) Measurable (c) Attainable (d) Relevant (e) Time-bound and make sure to align your Social Media Goals with your overall Marketing Strategy.

Our Agency will develop a 'Comprehensive and Unified Social Media Strategy' that compliments your existing 'Marketing Objectives'.
Your Audience 'Stats'
There are direct correlations to customer retention: employee engagement and loyalty.

97% of consumers go online to find and research products and services before they make a purchase.

47% of buyers view at least 3-5 pieces of social media content before they contact a sales representative.

More than 50% of consumers are active on social media every day.

The average person has five social media accounts and spends around 1 hour and 40 minutes daily browsing these networks.

The average person spends nearly 5.5 years of their life on social media.

Your Employee 'Stats'
71% of employees do not feel valued at their jobs.

37% of employees consider recognition most important.

A Cisco study reported 56 percent of young professionals ages 18-30 would not accept a job offer from a company who bans social media.

Nearly 2/3 of all American employees check their social media accounts while at work.

85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace.

Disengaged employees cost companies $450-500 billion each year.

Companies with high-engaged workforce are 21% more profitable.

Good company culture increases revenue by 4X.
Your Business 'Stats'
“Word of Mouth” Becoming Accepted Truth; comments and reviews are the new word of mouth.

The #1 reason people don’t buy? Answer: Fear of making the wrong decision.

Today's human attention span is 8 seconds vs 12 seconds back in 2012.

In 2018, 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones (2017: 50.3%).

44% of local businesses said they depend on social media to generate brand awareness, and 41% depend on it to drive revenue.

Almost 90% of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business, and 75% say they’ve increased traffic.

Out of 500,000 new businesses created per year, only 20,000 (4%) remain after 10 years.
"Social is the new front door to your business."
Facebook 'Stats'
Founded: February 2004, Cambridge, MA

Users: Over 2.38 billion active users globally as of March 31, 2019. Audience: USA Stats in 2018 = 214 million active users; 46 million are under Age 25; 58.3 million are Ages 25 to 34; 84% or 180 million users are Ages 30-49

Features: Personal Relationships, People are interacting with old and new connections as well as following their favorite brands, products and businesses.

Main Fear Attached by Users: My life is not where I want it to be so I don’t want all my friends back in high school to see how far I haven’t gone. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), Fear of Posting (FOP), Fear of Regret

IRL Stress Equivalent: Having to struggle with your goals throughout your life and then having to attend your High School Reunion.
Twitter 'Stats'
Founded: Founded in 2006

Users: USA Stats in 2018 = 321 million active users; 45 million ages 18-24; 67.4 million ages 25-34; 61 million ages 35-44. Audience: Twitter is most popular with millennials and young professionals; (younger than Facebook's) and is used primarily as a source for news.

Features: Twitter encourages its users to follow and interact with different individuals, friends and media outlets creating a real time stream of messages tailored to their interests. For businesses Twitter provides 2-way connections, not only with customers but with vendors, partners and also with employees.

Main Fear Attached by Users: I don’t post on Twitter because I don’t want to look dumb. And because I’m not up to date on breaking news or trending hashtags or intellectual conversations. Fear of Posting (FOP)

IRL Stress Equivalent: You're on a double date and they're laughing at current events, you want to join the witty banter but you're clueless.
LinkedIn 'Stats'
Founded: Founded in 2003

Users: 630 million users; 177 million active users; 57% male, 43% female; 87 million Millennials (ages 18-24); 49% users earn $75K per year; 51% US College Graduates; 190 million US workers have profiles; 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn. Audience: Professionals; Students and recent college graduates make up LinkedIn’s fastest growing demographic.

Features: LinkedIn is the #1 channel B2B marketers use to distribute content at 94%.

Main Fear Attached by Users: I don’t post on LinkedIn because I’m not looking for a new job and my current job is not that exciting. Fear of Posting (FOP)

IRL Stress Equivalent: Having to attend networking events with your friends to find work, and your resume reflects years of holding odd end jobs just to ‘pay the bills’.
Instagram 'Stats'
Founded: Oct 2010, acquired by Facebook in 2012

Users: 4.2B Likes Daily; 1 Billion users per month; 2018 USA Stats = 500M+ Daily users; 64% or 320M daily users are ages 18-29; 68% or 340M users are women; More than 50% users are teens and early 20's (Higher-Income Youth). Audience: Teens and adults between the ages of 18-29 make up IG's largest demographic.

Features: With over 95M+ videos and photos shared per day. Businesses of all sizes can use IG to connect with their community and share their brand personality, culture and products.

Main Fear Attached by Users: I don’t post on Instagram because my life's not as exciting as other people's and because I feel like I’m always missing out on cool things I could be doing. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), Fear of Regret.

IRL Stress Equivalent: Missing your friend’s Bachelorette Party and seeing everyone on the night of the wedding.
YouTube 'Stats'
Founded: In 2005
And acquired by Google in October 9, 2006 ($1.65B)

Users: 1.9 Billion Monthly active logged-in users; 400 hours of video uploaded daily; Over 1 Billion hours of video are watched daily. Audience: American users: Over 90% of ages 18-44; Over 50% of ages 75; Over 50% audience is female; Increased users are: 59% of Generation Z (16-24-year-olds); 46% of millennials (25-34-year-olds).

Features: YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing Social Network, the 2nd largest search engine and one of the top 3 websites worldwide.

Main Fear Attached by Users: I'm not creative enough and people wouldn't find me interesting to watch. Fear of Posting (FOP)

IRL Stress Equivalent: While awaiting your boss' decision to promote you, you've been chosen to give a speech about him at the annual company party.
Pinterest 'Stats'
Founded: Founded in March 2010

Users: March 2018 Report: 291 million active users; Pinterest users cumulatively placed 175 billion pins; More than 2 billion searches are carried out every month. Audience: Around 70% of users are int'l (non-US); 41% of users are American women; 48% of users are parents.

Features: Image search platform; CEO Ben Silbermann has been keen in the past to insist that Pinterest is not a social site as such, but “a catalogue of ideas”, intended to spur users to take creative decisions in the real world.

Main Fear Attached by Users: All my ideas are bad when everyone makes it look so easy. What’s wrong with me? I don’t post on Pinterest because I’m not creative enough and it stresses me out. Fear of Posting (FOP); Fear of not being creative enough.

IRL Stress Equivalent: Being a contestant on a home décor TV Show; or Having to decorate your own wedding.
Snapchat 'Stats'
Founded: Founded in 2011

Users: 191 million daily active users; Over 2.5 Billion snaps are posted every day. Audience: 2018 American Internet Users: 60% female and 38% male; 78% of user age 18-24; 54% of users age 25-29; 45% of teens' favorite; Open-rate: Over 20 times a day; 30 min. Avg.

Features: A mobile networking app letting users to send photo or videos to friends that disappear after a short amount of time. A Camera Company, re-branded in 2016 as Snap Inc. revealing 'Spectacles'. Fashion forward sunglasses with built-in video cameras that allow the wearer to record & post directly to the Snapchat app.

Main Fear Attached by Users: Isn’t this just for kids? And what’s the point if my message disappears right away? Fear of Posting (FOP)

IRL Stress Equivalent: When you present your research at a monthly meeting and no one remembers your comments or efforts.

67 Common CEO Mistakes.

"Incomplete or less thorough Social Media Profiles.", "Selling products or services and not interacting with your audience.", "Being inconsistent with your posts and interactions.", "Website is not ready to receive traffic from Social Media.", "Being spammy by using automated direct messages to interact with your audience.", "Not realizing the value of using Social Media for your business.", "Believing that Social Media is only used for marketing your business.", "Believing that all Social Media platforms do the same thing.", "Fear that employees spend time on Social Media.", "Blocking employee’s access to Social Media while at work.", "Posting meaningless content and ignoring to build an audience.", "Not spending time interacting with your audience.", "Deleting or ignoring the negative comments from your audience.", "Not establishing a Social Media Strategy.", "Only focusing on gaining followers and likes.", "Allowing inexperienced employees manage your Social Media Marketing.", "Not utilizing multiple platforms that have highly engaged audiences.", "Only using Social Media to market your business products or services.", "Not engaging with your audience by ignoring their comments or being sporadic.", "Not having fun with your audience or posting boring content or being boring.", "Lacking consistency and focus.", "Looking uneducated due to lack of research.", "Wasting time because you don’t have a Social Media Plan or Strategy.", "Being unprepared for gaining followers by lacking lead generation on your website.", "Being unauthentic by being too polished or scripted.", "Using automated posts and looking robotic or labeled as spammy.", "Not defining who your audience is.", "Failing to speak directly to your audience.", "Not using Analytics to see your ROI.", "Ignoring the results of Analytics.", "Lacking consistency on Social Media.", "Inconsistent jumping to different Social Media platforms.", "Publishing content that does not support your brand.", "Posting uninteresting and bad stuff.", "Ignoring your audience.", "Not mentioning or commenting to your audience.", "Post incorrect image sizes for each platform.", "Not testing different variations of posts to see how your audience responds.", "Moving blindly and not learning from your successes or mistakes.", "Failing to improve on your brand through Social Media.", "Ignoring your brand on Social Media.", "Believing and dismissing Social Media Marketing as ineffective.", "Not creating a Social Media Marketing Plan or Strategy.", "Only using KPI’s to measure vanity metrics such as followers and likes.", "Not using KPI’s to grow your total client base and bottom line.", "Using and thinking all Social Media Platforms have similar functions and demographics.", "Not interacting and engaging with your audience through posts and conversations.", "Only connecting with people on Social Media instead of building smart relationships.", "Not building smart relationships to grow your network and increase business profits.", "Only focusing on “YOU” as your post topics #narcissist.", "Losing the human element and personal touch by using automated posting software.", "Focusing on too many profiles instead of being consistent on the few.", "Not being consistent on the few Social Networks that have the best audience and ROI.", "Not creating your Social Media Policy Manual.", "Making it all about ‘me’.", "Not using images.", "Focusing on the wrong ROI and KPI analytical metrics.", "Continuing to ignore Social Media Marketing costs you a loss in revenue.", "Using automated posting systems or posting blog links.", "Ignoring positive and negative feedback.", "Investing energy + money and time in the wrong Social Media Network #norevenue.", "Investing energy + money and time in front of the wrong audience #norevenue.", "Allowing inexperienced employees or interns to manage your Social Media Marketing.", "Thinking too small and only advertising in your local area.", "Not integrating your Social Media accounts with your blog; website; ads; etc.", "Not using hashtags and not creating your own for your brand.", "Inconsistently using your ‘brand voice’ and overly using your ‘personal voice’."

// The Solution.


The Will to Act.


We’re only looking for those who want to
be the best at what they do. If you think
this is you, we’re interested in meeting you.
“Remember, there’s no courage without fear.”

“Yes, we would love to meet your team!”

Ad Cost Comparison.

Cost to Reach 1,000 People (CPM)

Traditional Media vs. Social Media Advertising (Nat. Avg.)
Media TypeCost P/m
Direct Mail:Low: $25-65, High: $350-$400
Broadcast TV:$10-$23
Cable TV:$9-$25
Magazines:Low: $8-$22, Med: $50, High: $100
Newspapers:Low: $2-$4, Med: $15-$45, High: $50-$100
Online Newspapers:$6-$8
Social Media:$3-7

Cost per Acquisition (CPA) + ROI

Traditional Media vs. Social Media Advertising (Nat. Avg.)
Media TypeCost P/a
Online Display: $25
Paid Search:$16
Social Media:$20
Direct Mail:$26

“Remember, there’s no courage without fear.”




Our ‘Passion’ is to serve and our ‘Mission’ is Philanthropic.
This Agency is one of many subsidiaries established to fulfill
the 100 year philanthropic mission of The Nguyen Foundation.
Our conglomerate is required to spearhead the final solution to
heal the epidemic which is causing people to suffer as Homeless
and Orphans. “We don’t do it for the money. We do it for our passion.”



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